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Sep 16, 2018

Nairobi-based international development economist Anzetse Were suggests in a new paper for the South African Institute of International Affairs that Kenya's leaders, not China, should be the ones held accountable for borrowing too much money without a detailed, transparent plan on how to repay the loans.

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Sep 9, 2018

Longtime China-Africa scholar Luke Patey, a senior researcher at the Danish Institute of International Affairs, is among a growing number of analysts who believe that the outcome of this year's FOCAC summit clearly demonstrated that Africa now has a diminished role in China's global economic agenda.

Luke joins Eric &...

Sep 1, 2018

Former CEO of the African Finance Corporation and current Quartz Africa columnist Andrew Alli joins Eric & Cobus to discuss why infrastructure financing will likely top the agenda at the Forum on China Africa Cooperation summit that convenes in Beijing on September 3.

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