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Jan 20, 2019

Just as with other aspects of the China-Africa relationship, critics and advocates alike can see what they want in the growing presence of Chinese technology in Africa. For some perspective on the implications of China's growing influence on the African tech sector, Eric & Cobus are joined this week by two professors...

Jan 13, 2019

Africa's rising indebtedness to China is prompting concern across the continent that governments need to do a better job negotiating infrastructure financing deals. Too often, critics contend, the Chinese are simply out-maneuvering their African counterparts in the negotiating process.

University of Oxford scholar

Jan 4, 2019

Given the tensions and controversies that have shaped China's decades-long engagement in Africa, it's a bit surprising that there are so few fictional books on the subject. For some reason, Africa's deep reservoir of talented writers has largely avoided using the Chinese presence on the continent as theme or...