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Sep 20, 2019

Dean Diabate first came to China in 2008, a very long time ago in the world of Chinese eCommerce. Back then, people didn't buy much online or use mobile payments. In fact, no one had ever heard of the now-ubiquitous super app WeChat, much less Alipay or any of the countless digital platforms that have transformed daily life in China.

Dean just knew that he liked being in China. He liked the energy, the non-stop pace and the opportunities that professional opportunities. He started there as a student intern, then moved into banking and finally found his way to eCommerce where he now works as a Project Lead at the online giant Alibaba.

Situated at Alibaba's global headquarters in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, Dean is ideally situated to watch the latest trends in the fast-moving Chinese eCommerce space and help to develop creative ways for how African exporters might be able to tap the incredible potential of the vast Chinese online shopping market.

Dean is on the team at Alibaba that is working closely with Rwanda on various e-government programs as well as helping the country's coffee exporters get their products into the cups of China's increasingly sophisticated coffee consumers. Through his experience working at Alibaba and with Rwandan stakeholders, he's come up with a lot of ideas for what other African companies can do to leverage Chinese eCommerce platforms to find new markets for their products.

Dean joins Eric & Cobus from Hangzhou to talk about his personal journey to Alibaba and his reflections on the latest trends in the Chinese eCommerce sector.


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