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Jun 10, 2018

A new AidData survey of nearly 3,500 policymakers in 126 developing countries that receive aid reveals China’s expanding foreign aid portfolio is translating into greater influence with leaders in those countries receiving that aid, but also that Beijing still trails far behind the U.S.
Eric & Cobus speak with the lead author of the study, AidData’s Director Policy Analysis Samantha Custer, to find out why China’s massive increase in both overseas aid and financial lending in recent years have not led to comparable growth in political influence on the ground in places like Africa.
Join the discussion. What do you think of China’s aid and lending practices in Africa? Do you agree with the study’s findings that show western countries and institutions remain dominant as the world’s most influential lenders? Let us know what you think.
Twitter: @eolander | @stadenesque | @samanthajcuster
Show Notes: